Overlapping houses - what to do?

Hello, I’ve just bought a house that is currently supplied by EDF, but I won’t be moving out of my rented accommodation supplied by Bulb for a couple of months. I would like to swap the new house to bulb but recognise that I still need to pay bulb whilst we’re responsible for the rented accommodation, but it’s not obvious from the website whether I can set up an additional account or what? Or should I just get my husband to sign up to bulb as a new customer for the new place? Any ideas gratefully received.

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Energy companies supply properties, not people.

Your new place is supplied by EDF. You need to contact them to tell them you (or your husband) are now legally responsible for the bills. Once that’s done, you can arrange to switch the property to whichever supplier you prefer.

It’s certainly possible to be responsible for more than one property on supply with Bulb.

If the overlap between the two properties will be long enough (3 weeks minimum, ideally longer) then yes it’s a great idea to refer your husband at the new address. You’ll need to ensure your own account stays open long enough for the referral to be paid otherwise you wont get it.

Thanks - it’ll be two months overlap so that should work. Thanks.

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