Overnight Rate

Does bulb support a reduced overnight rate and if so how do I get it?

I think you need to have an Economy 7 meter (I believe they cost £96 if you do not have one). Smart Meters will be Economy 7 enabled, so it might not be worth it given they will be rolled out mid-2018. You can usually tell if you have an Economy 7 meter because there will be a button that switched between different rates - usually R1, R2, and a Total.

It’s around 7-8p cheaper during the Economy 7 period… so depending on your usage, it might not be worth switching at this point…

Hi @chrisaclark

@darren8792 is correct. If you have an E7 meter already installed we can put you on a two-rate tariff. If you need one installing then this will cost you around £100 for the meter exchange, however, if you are happy to wait for a smart meter then these can be configured remotely to E7 and will be offered to all of our customers for free when we roll out our smart program later this year.