When searching my postcode and it said it woukd be for £80 per month, understandably this is estimate, however I continue to pay £80 and is happy for gas and elec. I am in credit and have got a message to decrease my bill to £53 , however next to that it says average is £77 I’ve asked bulb do I decrease it as advised or continue but no responce.

First off, do you submit monthly meter readings so that your actual statements are accurate? This will avoid an unpleasant shock should you receive a large bill due to underestimating your energy consumption.

Assuming you are submitting regular meter readings personally I would reduce your direct debit to the amount suggested by Bulb, this will or should have taken into account any credit. The average amount of £77 is in theory what you would need to pay per month for the next 12 months discounting your credit.

Yes, always submit readings I’m in credit which is always good. Thanks

Yes, always submit readings I'm in credit which is always good. Thanks

Do you know you are able to amend your direct debit yourself?

@MrStick you can set your own payment amounts in your online account. It’s concerning that you didn’t get a response when you asked before, though. Would you be able to let us know how you got in touch so we can take a look?