Ovo Meter

I am thinking of moving from Ovo to Bulb. I have had installed by OVO their meter about Sept 2018
What happens with getting meter readings if I move will there be another metetr needed to replace existing one or can bulb be able to read the consumption automatically or will i be able to interrogate the meter( not sure how ) and manually send readings to bulb. Whats this about a getting referrals etc any advice would be helpful

Hi @PhilJ,

Ovo probably installed a SMETS1 smart meter - these tend to become ‘dumb’ whenever you move to any other provider: so you’ll have to manually read the physical meter and send the readings to Bulb. There’s a chance Bulb will be able to enroll the meter on to the DCC (the ‘SMETS2’ multi-provider system) later this year, but that’ll depend on a whole host of factors. Worse case is that you stick with your current meter providing manual reads until sometime this year when Bulb will offer you the chance to swap to a SMETS2 meter: but if that’s not convenient to you, you can just keep using your existing meter.

I’ve sent you a private message with my referral link to join Bulb and get £50 credit applied to your account - it’s against Bulb’s terms and conditions to publicly provide the link their forums (to help reduce people spamming). If you’ve found my advice helpful, please feel free to use it - I’ll also get £50 credit, but if somebody else beat me to it or you’ve signed up another way: don’t worry. Feel free to ask more questions either way and welcome to Bulb!