OVO smartmeter

I have moved from ovo to bulb, will you be able to use the ovo smart meter, if not when can I get a smart meter?

You will probably have to submit manual readings.

You will have to manually submit readings for the moment (if you have a first generation SMART meter). The Data Communications Company who runs the data network for second generation (SMETS 2) SMART meters plans to enrol first-generation (SMETS1) smart meters onto its secure data network which will enable all suppliers to access your meter readings. This is hopefully happening later this year. Bulb are not changing meters to new ones because of this migration. I have a SMETS 1 meter and that was what they advised me.

@Beth78 I think franka probably worked it out in the six months since the original post …

You never know, no harm in helping out. I’ve had a dumb meter now for over a year waiting for the DCC to sort the comms out!

Plus it might help someone else with the same issue reading this?

Also I think you’re optimistic in anything happening “later this year”. There’s only six weeks left to go. I mean maybe the DCC will pull a rabbit out of a hat but I guess not.

Actually according to the DCC all SMETS1 meters will be migrated to the DCC’s system before the end of 2020 but the plan was to start the migration later this year. The first wave of migrations has already started.

How many will be migrated within the next 6 weeks?

I don’t know how many they are doing in each week, but it has already started. I also don’t know how they decide who goes first.

Maybe Bulb knows. It would be nice if they gave us updates on things like this, rather than telling us about their clothes.

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