Paid £220 for December 22 for a months supply

So I am now paying £200 per month for gas and electric in a tiny 2 bedroom cottage! Scared to use anything now. I send meter reads every month and it goes up every month. My bill started at £67.86 per month in July 2020. After speaking to family in bigger houses paying under £100 a month I cannot wait to move to switch to someone else - feel like I am getting totally ripped off.

Hi @Lclilylee ,

Welcome to community :wave: and thank you for posting.

I understand that your monthly payments have increased due to your usage increasing over this winter period. We have had a few prices changes in the last year which we apologise for. Unfortunately if wholesale prices increase then we will also need to increase our tariff and standing charge costs.

Sometimes a bigger house can still have lower usage as it depends on the energy efficiency of the house and the appliances in it.

If for any reason you believe that the property is a cause for concern and is producing high bills, there are a few tests you can perform to check that your meter and electric appliances are functioning . I am more than happy to send this over to you for you to check.

Please do let me know

–Suki :hibiscus: