Paper Bill

Hi there
We recently signed up to Bulb and switch next week with our first payment due 3rd June.
Is there any way i can get a paper statement sent out? I need a proof of address to open a local bank account

Hi @Aaron_Sarah, we don’t really do paper bills as a matter of course (paperless company and all that). If you really need a paper copy of one of your bills we can print one off and send it to you, though it’ll be identical to a copy that you could print out for yourself. If you do need a one off bill, then please get in touch at and we can arrange it for you. I should also point out that if you start with us on 3rd June, your first bill won’t be produced until 3rd July. In many cases the welcome pack we sent you can be used as proof of address, if you print a copy of that out, since it’s basically the contract we have with you.

thanks @“David at Bulb”, totally understand the paperless company piece. However banks here refuse to accept print outs and need something on a validated letter head. A bit of a catch 22 when you need proof of information but the only bill in your name is paperless… anyway 3rd July wont help, so i’ll have to keep an eye out for the welcome pack when that turns up and see if it works. Thanks

Hi @Aaron_Sarah that’s annoying, hopefully the welcome pack will work when that one turns up then