Paper Bill

I need to paper bill.
I will accept to extra cost about associated with it.
This is urgent situation.
Could you answer to immediately me?

They will be closed for the bank holiday however they will provide a paper bill on request. Can you possibly print one as you can download from your account If urgent you could download to a memory stick and get a friend or other to print it if you dont have a printer.

Hi there @malitekin we can send you a one off paper bill (though as @scudo says it will be identical to one you could print off for yourself). However, in your particular case, it looks like it’s been less than a month since you joined us so we haven’t been able to produce any bills for you yet. Many places that are looking for proof of address will accept a copy of the welcome pack we sent you when you first signed up with us, maybe you could print out a copy of that instead?