Paper bill


I need a paper copy of my last bill to use as a proof of address. Would you be able to send one in the post to me please? I have been told that printing one off will not be accepted.

Many thanks.

Hi @Emnoz,

A quick search for ‘paper’ on under the ‘Help’ menu provided the following article Paper statements – Bulb :

We send large-print documents to members with vulnerabilities. You can find out more about our policies around vulnerabilities and how to apply in our vulnerability article.

Otherwise to reduce waste and member costs, we send all documents by email. If you need a printed copy for proof of address or other reason, you can print your own from your Bulb Account. You’ll find them under Payments & statements.

If you really really need one for proof of address, I’m sure Bulb will send on if you ask (see How to get in touch – Bulb ), but I believe they are just printed at Bulb using a standard office printer and so will be indistinguishable from home printed ones (as long as you aren’t low on ink/toner). Just print them at home and fold it into thirds so it looks like it went through the postal system… If the company really wanted to validate your address, they could just send you a post card…