Paper Statement mailed

Hi, I need a paper statement from Bulb mailed to me to use as proof of address, how do I get one?

Just print one of your PDFs. Seriously no one will know the difference unless you use the worlds worst printer. That’s all Bulb will do, print a PDF and post it. They’ll look identical no matter what.

If you really insist on a posted statement, then the answer to your question, as is often the case on here, is to ask Bulb via their customer services channels.

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There is no option to print from my account, and I’ve tried emailing them twice but haven’t gotten a response. So here I am :upside_down_face:

Are you able to access your account dashboard?

Yeah I am, can’t download statements though

OK, can you then access your “Payments & Statements” page?

Yeah I can, there are statements there but no place to download

Click the download button for example for your most recent statement, you can either open the statement or save it to your PC. Either way you can then print out a copy.

Can you not see something like this in your transaction list under payments and statements?


Thank you for trying to help, but as I’ve said three times now there is no place to download statements on my account, so I can’t print it out :joy:

Could you clarify what this means please:

Can you see statement PDFs or not? If you can’t see your statement PDF, what is it you’re calling a statement that you can see but can’t download?

Hi @frederick.biebe,

You’ll have just received a new statement via email, which you’ll also be able to download from your Bulb Account.

You recently got in touch with Bulb to dispute your opening meter reading, therefore we put a pause on your billing until this had been corrected. This has now been accepted by your previous supplier, allowing us to issue your first statement today.

A PDF copy of your statement is normally fine for proof of address, but if you really need a paper copy, just let me know.