Paper Statement Mar '21


I had put in a request for Paper Statements sometime in February.
A statement was generated on 1st March, but haven’t received a Paper Bill yet to my address.
Could you kindly check please?


Hey Lalith.

Welcome back to the community.

I’m sorry to hear that the bill did not arrive but I can see the request, just to make sure I have requested another copy to be sent to both your email and via post.

Thanks for your patience with this, let us know when it arrives, it should be within a week :grinning:


Thanks Carl. Got them…!! :slight_smile:

Hey @Lalithkumark

No worries glad to hear it.

With Bulb, we ideally prefer not to send paper statements each month :evergreen_tree:

Are you happy to return to email billing? If you do need paper statements for any reason we can continue that but we just need to put in a request for it, if you do need them reply here and we will get that sorted for you.