Paper statement

I was wondering how can I get a paper statement as prof of address? I looked on the website but could not find it.
Many thanks

If you go to your account and then statements you can download and print your monthly statements, failing that Bulb will supply as a one off.

Hi Cheila, Being paperless is a key part of the Bulb mission to clean up energy by being simpler, cheaper and greener. Paper bills have a big environmental impact, from trees that get cut down to the ink production and the environmental cost of delivery. It might not cost the world much to send just one bill, but Bulb has 300,000 customers and is growing fast! Being paperless also lets us be more efficient and provide a simpler service for members, and this in turn means we can charge less for energy than we would otherwise. So for whatever reason you joined Bulb we hope you understand why we decided that going paperless is the Bulb way! In my personal experience printed off statements work just as well for proof of address.

Thanks for getting back to me. I completely understand the reasons to go paperless and that’s exactly what I want. Unfortunately I have printed my statement but the home office doesn’t accept as prof of address. I need a one of print from you guys at bulb.

Many thanks

Hi Cheila, please email us at and I’m sure we can do this as a one-off :slight_smile: