Partial refund

Hi having referred 2 friends I have received £200. Thanks, this has put my account in over £300 credit with an imminent payment due. It would really help me out if I could have £200 refund leaving enough in credit to carry on with


How can I withdraw credit from my account?

If your account is in credit by more than your monthly payment amount you can email to ask for a refund.

A few things to check first

Make sure we have recent meter readings. If we don’t, your Bulb Account balance may not show how much energy you’ve actually used. Submit a reading before getting in touch.

We take payments for the month ahead. So you should always have a month’s worth of credit in your Bulb Account to cover next month’s statement.

Everyone tends to use more energy in winter. Your equal payments have been averaged to build credit in the summer to see you through colder months.