Partner refund of early exit fee?

Hi there I have recently applied for the switch to your dual fuel a new customer . I live by myself but am moving into a new house with my fiancee so switching from new house old supplier to your supply . However my fiancee lives currently at a different address and is with ovo energy on a 2 year fixed deal and will have exit fees of £60 is she leaves before 03 aug2019 as contract is till end of September . So .trying to decide whether to cancel your deal and transfer my finances energy supplier to new house until end of contract to avoid fees , or pay exit fees - if so can I claim them back even though it will be a different address and supplier to the one I’m switching from./ Too ? I would rather stay with you , even reimbursement of £30 would be enough to make my fiancee happy ( I went ahead and “sorted” out your supply without thinking about her current energy deal)

First things first, you need to understand how energy supply works. You don’t “transfer a supplier to new house”. It’s not like taking Sky with you. Energy suppliers do not supply people, they supply properties.

When you move out of your existing house, you’ll give final meter readings to Bulb and your account will close. But Bulb will continue to supply the property. The new owner will have to phone up Bulb and register as a customer. Once that is done they’ll be able to switch to another supplier if they so choose. All of this is completely unrelated to whatever happens at any other property.

If your fiancée wishes to switch her property to Bulb, then she can do so and Bulb will pay the exit fees of the old supplier. This is completely unrelated to whatever happens at any other property. I think many exit fees do not apply if she is moving out.

When you move into the property with your fiancée, you can phone up the supplier, whoever that happens to be at the time, and arrange to have your name added to the account in addition to hers.

Your question is not very clear, but I think that should answer your questions. I’m not sure if there are two or three properties involved in this scenario. Basically you need to treat the properties completely separately, because at no point will you be transferring any services between them.

@alastairwj Hiya, @Hooloovoo is quite right. I would also note that we cover exit fees for our members, just send us a copy of your final bill showing those exit fees being charged.