Paused DD and cant get new IHD

Posting here more from frustration then anything

For months my direct debit wasnt being taken and i was doing a manual payment via stripe last month though I called up bulb and spoke to a lovely lady (Katie) who sorted it and said my DD had been put on pause… so I made a manual payment to cover the month and my DD was reactivated to start 27th of April but today Bulb took the payment I had already paid via DD and the very very unhelpful person when i called was no help at all…and would not refund the money because it has not cleared bulbs account even though its gone from mine…

Now the IHD mine hasnt worked for months i have tried and tried to get it replaced and with the prices increased seriously need to monitor my usage my display comes on but is no wifi connection and none of the screen works pressing anything has no effect

Can anyone guide me how to get the stupid thing replaced

Call your bank and cancel the payment you should have it back in your bank the same day

Hi @jobe1972 :wave:

I’m really sorry for the delay in getting back to you here.

I’d also like to apologise for the issues you’ve had with your payments I can see the payment was canceled and new payments have resumed as usual.

What is the current issue you have with your In-home display? Is it only showing one fuel? Or is it not showing any data at all?

Please let me know below and I can take a look at what remote fixes we can run on this.

Luke :bulb:

The inhome display doesnt work it will power on the display comes on but is no connection to wifi none and I repeat NONE and i stress this because bulb doesnt seem to grasp it none of the screen works cant click anything as has no response so cant reset wifi had remote fixes applied many times doesnt work… none of the icons on the display work…and i need it to work so i can see whats using my electricity etc… that was the whole point of letting you install it…the device is faulty bulb have already said i need a new one so when will i get it

and they take forever to reply again

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Same I’ve emailed them … posted on here tried chat facility which just closes itself , then went to twitter and hey presto I got a reply within a couple of hours