Pay as you go meters

Hi, I currently have pay as you go gas and electric meters at my house, can I switch to bulb?


Hi @xblink - Unfortunately, Bulb are not quite set up to supply pay-as-you-go-meters yet.

If you are able to have your existing supplier exchange the meter for a pay monthly (credit) meter then you would be able to switch your supply to Bulb :slight_smile:

Hi @“Helen at Bulb”, is this still the case? I’m moving to a new property tomorrow and it currently has a pay-as-you-go meter. I would like to switch to bulb, and also to a “regular” meter (or stay on pay-as-you-go with Bulb, if it makes no difference to the cost).

Hi @jlb, it is no longer the case head here to sign up for your prepay meter:

Hi @“Ben at Bulb” ,can i switch from my current payg to Bulb meter?Regards,Radu.

Hi @Radu,

I don’t work for Bulb, but according to their help article at , you can switch from a pre-pay meter to a credit meter - they’ll be a charge of £120 per meter to make the switch to pay for the engineer though.

However, Bulb will shortly (next month and throughout next year) be rolling out ‘smart meters’ which will have the ability (so I believe) to switch between prepay+credit and I also believe the switch to a smart meter will be free - so it may be worth hanging on for some months and saving some cash.