Pay Credit on account - oh oh!

Tha gal dem Schillaci - Hello Bulb,

Can you help pay the credit on my account please? Five million and forty naughty shorty.

You’ve got the right tactics to pay me back and keep the thermostat on. Oh oh!

Look forward to your reply,
Sean Paul

Hi @SeanPaul_Right_Temp :wave:

I would be happy to look at getting the excess credit on your account refunded for you. We would need meter readings on the account within the last 3 months, so if you could submit some today that would be great.

Once I can see that we have some up-to-date readings, I will get that refund requested for you, no lie.

-Luke :bulb:

They make empty promises…do not trust them, begin Ofgem complaints process now. They will not refund you otherwise.