Pay for your usage

Am I able to arrange to pay for my exact usage every month rather than an estimated direct debit cost?
Does anyone do this - would bulb agree to this if I phone up and ask?
Also is a smart metre worthwhile? I’ve heard some negatives about them so have put off getting one installed but it would be easier to keep track of my costs.

Thanks for your advice!


You certainly can do this, gemsco - I have this arrangement, as do many others. Bulb will change your DD to an open basis and take your debit amount 14 days after statement date. It’s much better to have smart meters with this arrangement, otherwise not posting readings when due could result in overestimated usage.
Note when your DD is changed your account will show a message asking you to set a payment date and amount which you ignore to keep your DD open.

Hi @gemsco :wave: and welcome to Community :partying_face:

If you would prefer, we can set you up to pay via variable direct debit. With this, you keep the direct debit active and after your monthly statement, we take a payment from you within 14 days. This prevents any debit or credit building up in the account as we take the specific outstanding balance.

If you choose this option, your payments will change each month, which can make it a bit harder to budget and keep track.

As @geevo4 it is also important that you submit readings every month, if you don’t have a smart meter, so we can bill and charge you accurately. If you would like to pay this way then please let me know and I can set it up for you.

If you have any questions please drop them below :point_down:


Can you tell me is this way of paying any more expensive?
Do you get a slight discount if paying direct debit?

Hi @gemsco :wave:

Currently there is no discount paying with direct debit, so you wouldn’t be paying more by setting up a variable direct debit.

-Luke :bulb:

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I got the below email this morning which I don’t understand as I have already told yous I no longer wish to may direct debit. Can you ensure I don’t get this admin charge mentioned please.
Thanks for your help

Hi Gemma,

We’ve heard from your bank that you’ve cancelled your Direct Debit with us. We are now not taking monthly payments for your energy.

Please could you set up a new Direct Debit? Otherwise you might be charged an admin fee for missed payments.

Hi @gemsco,

I can see you have got a direct debit set up on your account but we are not due to be taking a set monthly payment from you.

Instead, you are set up on a variable direct debit. With this after your monthly statement, we take a payment from you within 14 days. Your payments will change each month depending on your usage.

Is this how you were wanting to pay for your energy? If not let me know and we can look at other options.

– KT :bulb: