PAYG low balance

Hi, I am very new to bulb as I only joined last month.
I came home from work the other day to find I had no electric. I checked my balance online and I had over £1 on my account. I was planning to top up when I got home. When I topped up, my meter reset and electric came back on after pressing buttons on the meter.
Same thing happened yesterday but with gas. I had over £1, but it still disconnected. I don’t usually let my meters run down that much but as I am quite new to bulb I’m still working my way around! Is it correct that the energy disconnects with a low balance before credit actually runs out?

Hi @whitcakes - welcome to the Bulb community! :wave:

This shouldn’t be the case! It can take a little while for your balance to update in the app, so next time this happens, could you check the balance on the actual meter? This will help us find out why this is happening, as your supply should last until credit runs out :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Jim, thank you for replying. I have checked my electric balance on the app and it states £3.01. However, on the meter it states £1.54 which is maybe why I was disconnected. The balance on my gas meter is also lower than on the app. Is it usual for there to be a difference? I don’t look at the balance very often on the meter and rely on the app to check balance and top up, especially if I’m not at home.

Hey @whitcakes, sometimes the app can take a while to update (I believe it updates every 24 hours) so there might be delay in it showing the right balance. The most accurate is the meter itself. Let us know if there’s anything else you’d like us to check out though :blush: