Paying bills/account credit

Hi there,

Just wondering how it works with account credit and monthly payments. As I understand I will be charged £56.55 monthly for energy. By the end of December I’ll have £400 credit in my account from referrals.

Will Bulb continue to take money from my bank every month, and if so how do I use my credit?

Thank you!


Yes they will continue to take a monthly payment, I would see how you get on over the next couple of months as they tend to be the most expensive and then either apply for a refund and /or reduce your monthly payments.
Your monthly payments will have been set using previous usage.

@Rose_22 We are able to put you on a payment holiday if you would like to skip a few payments. I’d still recommend following @scudo 's advice in case you use more than you expect, but if you would like me to skip a couple of payments to use up that referral credit then that would be fine.

What I personally do is just reduce my monthly payments down so that I pay less each month and keep the additional credit in my account to be gradually used up.

It’s up to you really! Just let me know what you’d like to do.