Paying first bill in advance?!

We’ve just switched to bulb from EDF but they’ve took the first payment out the same day as edf as an early payment? So lovely expensive time before Christmas. What the hell?! Why can’t they just take it later like a normal company??

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It’s made perfectly clear in Bulb’s T&Cs that’s what they do. Did you not read them?



A number of energy suppliers especially the new ones such as Bulb take payment in advance of your energy supply, nominally one month advance payment


The system for changing suppliers isn’t kind to people that have tight cash flow. You have to pay an instalment when you start and wait for any credit balance from the old supplier to come back (Up to 2 months).
Another case where the poor pay more, when they are the people that can least afford it. (Pre-payment meters etc).
Not sure what the answer is.

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If you have enough credit with an old supplier you could wind back your direct debit so the money is then free for the supplier switch. That depends on how much credit you have, and the optimal time to do this is end of summer when you have most excess credit.

I want a copy of mini Bill in detail or I will stop next payment

What’s a “mini Bill”? Does it show something your regular statements do not?

Let’s see a statement showing a full break down of total bill simple isn’t it

that is not a mini bill and you do get a full breakdown in your monthly statement. Furthermore stopping a payment could be an expensive mistake and lead to all sorts of “aggro” further down the line


Apparently it’s not simple, despite your condescending reply. What you’re describing is just a normal statement bill. There’s no such thing as a “mini bill” hence the query regarding how that might be different from a normal bill.

You get a normal statement every month. If you haven’t yet been a customer for a full month then you wont have one and wont be able to get one yet. If you’ve been a customer for more than a month, and still can’t see any statement PDFs to download, then contact Bulb for advice.

Stop your payment if you like but it wont accomplish anything, other than to cause you massive problems as @skippy64 says.

Wally. There is no mini statement.

Who reads 50 pages of T&Cs, honestly…?

Goodness is it 50 pages?

But more seriously you don’t need to read the T&C’s to know you pay in advance.

When you seek a quote, the page comes up with the quote costs and it also includes:

We take payments in advance

Your payments enter your account as credit, which we use to pay your energy every month. We’ll take your first payment once your switch is complete, which takes 21 days.

So there should be no excuse for not knowing Bulb take payment in advance.


Well, that’s good to know. What’s Bulb’s excuse for not responding to emails? I have an outstanding query that has been chased numerous times.

The whole “pay in advance” thing is a ridiculous non-issue anyway.

Say my statement date is the 20th of each month. If my payment goes out on the 19th then I’ve paid at the end of my statement period. If it goes out on the 21st then I’ve “paid in advance” at the beginning of my statement period. In reality, it’s a difference of a couple of days … who cares? It causes a minor cash-flow issue when switching from another supplier, since you might end up with payments to two energy companies going out in the same month but that really shouldn’t be too difficult to manage. After that it makes no practical difference at all.

Be grateful it doesn’t make a difference to you, but sadly the extra payment does affect us, when every penny is already spoken for, especially before Christmas. It was my husband who set up the account and obviously we didn’t read the fine print, more fool us but to say it isn’t a big deal is thoughtless

Just change your next payment to £10. The refund from the old supplier can be used to top up when you receive it.

If every penny counts, not sure why you chose Bulb, when there are cheaper suppliers?

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The poor pay more for everything. It is because we live in a cruel and unjust world. Punishment of the poor for being poor is hardwired into the system. I think best thing is to join a campaign for justice and system change.

How so? with bulb the rich and poor pay the same for their gas and leccy

The poor are more likely to be on prepayment meters, which cost more for both energy and the standing charge. Like every supplier, Bulb charges these people more than the pay monthly customers with good credit ratings and no history of missed payments.