Payment amount increased

Last month I was charged £45 and this month I am to be charged £50. Could someone explain this to me please. Also my account is £175 in credit. How do I use this credit? Can it be used easily or was it a marketing scheme?

Hi @laura7933 , I’ve just taken a look at your account and think I can explain what’s going on.

So, your payment amount is the set payment that comes out at the beginning of each billing period. At the end of the billing period. you’ll get a statement from us showing your actual usage in £. The amount on these statements may vary based on your usage.

Your first statement was £45, and your second one is £50, based on your usage. However, I can see that estimates were used on this bill. If you think you used less energy, then just send over a meter reading and we can re-version that bill for you.

As for that credit, it’s definitely not a marketing scheme. It’s your money so you can choose to do what you like! You’ve got a few options here: leave it in your account as a buffer against higher than expected usage, get some of it refunded back to you (we like to keep 1 month’s usage in the account at all times to cover your statements), or, you can put your payments on hold and use up the credit in your account.

Let us know what you’d like to do.