Payment amount

In my “Payment settings” section, under “Payment amount”, Bulb recommends a £44 amount a month instead of my current £75.54. Why?

Also, my current balance is £43 in credit. Does it mean I overpaid?


Hi @GeorgeScr , the credit means that you have paid £43 more than your bills have cost you so far. You will not lose this in any way, it sits in your account until you request us to do something with it. We have to leave a month’s worth of credit in your account due to how we buy our energy, but any more than that we are happy to refund, :slight_smile:

The ‘Bulb recommends’ you can see does not take your latest bill not being taken into account. Since your correct billing information was updated and revised to be accurate up to your latest bill, that is the reason you can see the difference on your Bulb Account.

Hi @“Crinan at Bulb” Thank you for your reply, I understand now. All the best.