Payment change date

So my first initial payment date was yesterday and it all went through fine but is the wrong date for my pay so I’ve been on today (a day later) to swap it but its saying Feb 23rd will still go ahead… a day later wasn’t enough notice?! Is there much chance this will be wrong and it’ll actually change as I want it? I need to budget accordingly as I’ve only just moved into my own place.

It sounds like your payment date hasn’t changed properly. I’d try to do it again. But bear in mind that if you change the date to, say, 1st Feb, then it’ll take another payment a week from now so you’ll make two payments close together. Depending on the date you’re selecting, you might be best to wait until after that date has passed before updating your account.

It was due to be Feb 23rd and Im changing to change it to Feb 25th and its ages away.

It was due to be Feb 23rd and Im changing to change it to Feb 25th and its ages away.

I’d give it a couple of days and if it still hasn’t updated, then submit the change again.

Since you’ve mentioned budgeting, and I appreciate this is none of my business, but can I suggest an alternative arrangement? There are all sorts of reasons why relying on a direct debit to go out on the right date, or a salary payment to go in on the right date, can cause problems when things don’t quite go according to plan.

It’s much better to open a separate current account specifically just for your regular household bills. When you get paid, you simply make a transfer of the total amount necessary for all the bills for next month into your bills account. Keep a suitable float in the bills account and this completely decouples the date you get paid from the date of any bills, and so none of this matters any more. It also means you can see exactly how much money you’ve got left without having to monitor whether a specific bill has gone out yet or not. Just some thoughts …