Payment date changed


My first payment was made on 12th September , and after this I changed payment date to the 29th so that it would fit in with previous payments for my previous supplier (timing of money in the account made that date perfect so I wouldn’t have to change to ensure I could pay on the 12th)

I have just received an email to say I will be paying again on 29th (this month.)

As I have paid on the 12th already this month, shouldn’t it be that my second payment will be October (possibly pro rata’d to include the extra days from 12th - 29th but then November onwards would be on an even track?)

Any help would be appreciated!

Hi @alice8964, thanks for checking with us, and I’m sorry you got such a misleading email!

Your next payment is scheduled to be 28th October, and the automatic email was wrong in suggesting it would be 29th this month. Sorry about that! But it’s all set up now to be 28th of every month moving forward.

Thanks again!