Payment date exeeded

I still haven’t had my payment taken even though after e-mails and live chat it’s nearly two weeks late, I not had any problems before . It takes so long to get on contact with anyone to explain the situation but nothing gets done!!!

Surprise, Surprise :joy:

Doesn’t really help .

No, but it would seem that the only way to get a response from bulb is to give them a few negative comments on a public forum

Hey @Rosario, I’m sorry to hear this. We may need to cancel your current direct debit and re-set it up. I’ll pop you anemail now so that we can sort this matter out for you :+1:

Six days ago and still no email!! And I’ve had live chat with other operatives who keep saying the same thing, no emails !!

There’s nothing wrong with my direct debit my payment is taken every month without fail.