Payment Date Switch

Hi there,

I switched payment dates to the first of each month, immediately after having paid my first bill and have received a monthly payment reminder saying that you are due to take funds in 3 days time.

Please could you address this issue.

Hi @leroys86,

Sorry to hear you are having this problem (and for missing your message until now). Just to let you know, I’m just another Bulb customer like yourself and have no access to any of your details (nor should you supply any on this public form) and if you do need to contact Bulb directly, their email address and phone number can be found on .

What was the date set before you changed it? I’m guessing it might have been within 4 days of the date you changed it (i.e. you changed it on the 16th and the date was previously the 19th) - which means the direct debit/billing process probably already started (as it takes at least 3 days for direct debits to work through the banking system).

It’s probably best to give Bulb a call or catch them on live chat (I would normally advise email, but this is a bit more ‘urgent’) to see what they suggest. It is probably too late for Bulb to ‘recall’ the direct debit and they might just ask you to ask your bank to ‘bounce/decline’ the direct debit (but check with Bulb first) or you may be able to come to an agreement that they’ll just skip next months DD or similar.

Hope it helps!

@leroys86 We take payments in advance and so we took our first payment on the day you switched then every month from then on.