Payment Date

Hi, I’ve just joined today (hoping it will all go smoothly)… Can I use the first of the month as payment date? I’m expecting to switch 3 weeks from today, or so, but prefer to pay at start of month (payday). Thanks.

Same here. Just joined and the date of first payment is not at all convenient for me… how do I switch ??

Hi Tina, I’ve been having a bit of a mooch around today, and found this:

Can I change my monthly payment date?
After you’ve made your first payment, you can choose the day of the month that we take payments online in MyBulb.

This payment date is miles away from payday tho and the bill they want to take is huge… is there a contact number so I can change this as this date is just not convenient for me at all :frowning:

Thanks for the help so far graham :slight_smile:

0300 30 30 635 seems to be the best number… let me know how you get on, as I might need to do the same :slight_smile:

Hi @tina8507 @graham5242 - we’re happy for you to change the payment day around if you have a day of the month you prefer. If you are moving it back more than 14 days we might need to take a smaller initial payment on your start date to keep the account up to date.

We do need at least 5 working days notice to change the date of a direct debit but if you’re on debit card we can make the change instantly :slight_smile: