Payment date

I change my payment date to the 1st of each month but payment isn’t being taken on the 1st. Any reason why?

Hi @tom123

Really sorry the payment was taken on the 2nd of the month instead of the 1st.

The system occasionally has these quirks where the change only comes into affect the month afterwards.

I can see the next payment is lined up for the 1st, so the change appears cemented in for you.

@“Rob at Bulb”,I’ve faced this issue myself but I never had my payment set to the 2nd. The first month it was taken on the 2nd (04:09), and the second month it was taken on the 1st but much later on in the day than expected (21:35).

@mowcius Looking into your account I am not sure exactly why there has been this delay in the payment taken in Feb, it might have been that there was delay in Stripe taking this payment from your card.