Payment date

If I change my payment date now will I pay twice this month or will it take affect as of next month? ( paid on the 17th and want to change to the 29th) thanks

Hi @EmmaWren,

Possibly. The Direct Debit process is started around 3-5 days before the payment date (to allow it flow through the banking system) so the 17th one has certainly been taken and if you were to change it to the 29th ‘now’, around the 24-26th (depending on weekends etc), it will be queued up to be taken again.

My recommendation would be to change it to the 29th around the 30th to the 10th of the next month: it’ll be before the 17th Direct Debit process starts but past the 29th of the previous month.

If you ‘need’ to change it now (for example, you are going on holiday), I would first reduce the direct debit to the minimum amount allowed (I think around £5/£10) by altering the minimum payment (it might take few repeats to get it down that low), change it to the 29th - where you’ll be debited £5/£10 - and then next month take it back up to the recommended amount.


£5 is the lowest DD payment.

Lovely thank you! I will just change it on the 29th I think.

Cheers @Allanr - I couldn’t remember which it was :wink: