Payment dates

On set up my payment date given is not suitable how can I change the date my direct debit goes out ?

@Rachel7121 , after your switch date and first payment you can change the date of all future payments from your MyBulb page.

I’m guessing there should be a green button to click at the bottom of the monthly payment box? My first direct debit went out 3 days ago on the 9th Dec but it still says “You will be able to change your monthly payment amounts and payment date after the switch is complete”.

@Rachel7121 and @IKnowNothing - yes you’ll be able to change the date using your MyBulb payments section after the first payment comes out. You’ll need to wait a few days until the payment has been approved on our system.

@IKnowNothing - your payment still shows as pending but you’ll be able to change the date in the next few days.