Payment doubled

Anyone found that there average monthly payment has doubled?
I came to bulb 14 months ago with the promise of lower bills, now I understand tarrifs have changed but doubled?
With previous provider I paid 70 a month and left them with a refund, was paying 60 a month to buld and then bam! you owe us 230 and your payments need to at least 112 to cover usage and 120 to get your bill.
Utterly frustrated!

I share your frustration.
Moved over to Bulb 3 months ago on lower dual fuel package. 2 months later I got the price hike letter. My original calculation was £45 per month. I am regularly way under-using my estimate (even now, after the summer), yet my monthly estimate has gone up to £105. This is an absolute joke.
I feel behind all those lovely graphics is just another greedy energy provider.

@John_mcindoe68, looking at unit rates and standing charges is all you need to accurately compare two energy companies.

Prices have gone up with Bulb (and everyone else too, they’re still one of the cheapest), but it sounds like you’ve just been using more energy.

My bills have gone up slightly but there are now two people living in the house full time (with a lot more electronic equipment) so there’s nothing for me to complain about there.

@nadworks, sadly sometimes their system is just not the greatest at working out what your bills should be. If your monthly usage is much lower than the automated system suggests that you should be paying then you can just go and amend them to be correct.

I’ve been with Bulb a year now and have experienced every price increase they’ve had, but I still feel they’re being fair and honest even if sometimes their technology or growth issues let them down.

Hi guys, we do do our best to be as open and fair about what we do as possible (thanks @mowcius), @nadworks that average monthly usage estimate is taking into account the fact that we anticipate your usage going up over the winter, as time goes on we should be able ot get you a better and better estimate though. @John_mcindoe68 it might be that (as Mowcius says) your usage has been higher than we anticipated when you first switched over to us. Our prices have gone, up, but not to the point of doubling your costs, so I think it’ll be a combination of higher usage and the price rises. Regular meter readings are useful to stop any sudden surprises, as if we get the first reading after a while and it’s higher than we expected your next bill will be quite large to catch up to that. I do understand that these price increases haven’t been ideal, we unfortunately have to increase when gas and electricity wholesale prices go up but we’re hoping that they’ll start dropping soon and we’ll be able to knock your prices back down again.

Thanks, @“David at Bulb”. Just surprised it’s not proportionate. Meaning, if I’m consistently under-estimate and average in summer, I should also be under or at least on average in winter… not much higher, just to make up what I saved in the summer. Get my drift?

Question: when do you update the energy usage graphs for each customer? I paid my September bill on 25.09. with an updated reading, and yet my usage graph has still not reflected my September usage (latest visual is August).