Payment increase of 40% with a credit balance!

I remember moving to Bulb over two years ago thinking they were a breath of fresh air, easy to contact, competitive pricing and also being able to manage your account online.

After 2 years like many others I have read on the forums, I am looking for a change as I personally am fed up with them constantly increasing my payments although I am around £100 in credit. This month it has gone up from £105 to £147 when my annual projection over the past 2 years is only £94 per month.

Frustrated with the increase I thought I would try to contact Bulb and then been told to use the “Bulbbot” chat, how hopeless that is. After the numerous questions I then joined the queue at about number 50. After around 10 minutes I was at number 1, and then to my surprise went all the way back to number 56!! As you can imagine that was it and thought I would share my frustrations on the forum.

Sadly Bulb has joined many other suppliers and over time fallen away to a poor servicing company, not sure why and if they are having cash flow issues!!

As well as my other things to do this weekend, high on the list is looking for a new energy supplier as this company is definitely not what it was!!


Your situation is eerily similar to ours, despite being £389 in credit, the direct debit is still going up…we use less than £1000 of Gas/electric a year so soon the credit will reach half the yearly bill…I wonder if this is an actual strategy or just total incompetence from Bulb, if this is a strategy it has backfired as I compared the market and will be switching soon.


Shocking behaviour by Bulb. I have written to the complaints department to let them know my thoughts with the option of reversing my monthly payments back to the original amount or do nothing and I will take my business elsewhere.

This company has gone downhill from how it was two years ago, the biggest frustration in no longer allowing the customer to adjust their monthly payments. Best option is possibly to move to another supplier.


A combination of both

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All of these stories and my own experience tell me bulb are either financially struggling or raising capital through its customers.

I think I’ll cancel my direct debit until I exhaust my credit balance as I suspect getting a refund from them could be difficult.


Reading Monthly Usagae 12 Month Average
Opening (January 2019) 4088
February 4550 462
March 4985 435
April 5479 494
May 5993 514
June 6303 310
July 6695 392
August 7132 437
September 7564 432
October 7946 382
November 8323 377
December 8885 562
January 9414 529 444
February 9799 385 437
March 10166 367 432
April 10841 675 447
May 11696 855 475
June 12232 536 494
July 12683 451 499
August 13121 438 499
September 13607 486 504
October 14062 455 510

	Average	Yearly 
	475	5699
	 £73.85 	 £886.18 
BULB Average	542.5	

They want £114/month although in credit by £132…

Switch has begun!


Don’t get crushed in the rush for the exit :rofl:


Hi @simonin.jc I’m sorry that your first post on Bulb Community is about a negative experience.

I’d like to discuss your payments with you, if this could potentially help with your decision to switch away, please do let us know and one of the Community team will email you on this.

@Paul_1 I can see your complaint hasn’t been picked up yet, so I’ll raise this and respond to you shortly. I think we should be able to come to a resolution on this

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Hi, I had to laugh reading the exact same experiences I have been having. Bulb we’re indeed a breath of fresh air with green credentials I was happy to see Bulb grow. Oh how that has changed. I too wondered why I had £334 on credit. This appears to be some sort of slow motion interest rate robbery. Take more than you need from customers so you can invest it in scamming others out of their money.

The ChatPlot isn’t working for me either. Queue of 56 then get disconnected at 5.30pm after waiting 30 minutes. Useless.

I wanted to ask why my referral link wasn’t working as 3 of my friends wanted to sign-up but after this fiasco I’ll be telling them to go elsewhere.

What a shame. Why do things start well for it all to go downhill a few years later? There must have been some sort of management change or scaling issues for this to happen. Simple I’ll get my energy somewhere else.


I’m at a loss to understand why you had to wonder why you had £334 on credit?

Dont your statements give a clue for the credit buildup?

I religiously check my statements as soon as I receive them regardless of which supplier I am with. I would know quite quickly if they were valid or not.

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You are right. But I’ve found an option in the app to reduce the amount I pay monthly. I’ll see how that goes.

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I think you may find that an inbuilt feature may prevent you from reducing your payments to an amount you consider appropriate, but worth a try if this goes some way to reducing your credit?


But you can reduce your payment to anything you like. Even as low as £5 per month if you really want to. The system will warn you and tell you that you can’t do it and that you can’t go any lower than the amount they state as the minimum, but you can just ignore that and override it. I’ve done it, so I know it can be done.



That was my experience when I was Bulb, but comments I have seen of reecent on this forum seem to suggest that Bulb had imposed certain restraints by how much you could reduce your DD.


Confirmed. Bulb imposes a limit to the amount you can reduce it by. I’m thinking of Pure Planet which is 100% renewable energy ad charges wholesale prices for electricity and gas with a flat £16 admin charge on top. Works out cheaper than Bulb. Also Octopus has great green credentials and is cheaper than Bulb. Btw, check if your referral code still works, I have 3 friends who were ready to join Bulb but my link and a friends link no longer works!!! I smell a rat. All five of us are looking elsewhere


100% they impose a limit on how much you can reduce it by. They did this to me too. Still had me paying £15 more reducing it right down as far as I could take it than I actually used each month.

You’re supposed to be able to reduce it down to a fiver. I used and paid for £60 a month. They wanted nearly £86 a month. Wouldn’t let me drop lower than £75 despite the fact I always had credit.

I agree. I’ve had enough of them too !


I joined bulb a month ago but not for long since I joined you my electric payment has more then doubled and I’m using a prepaid meter and I’m still waiting for my electric key this is the second time they have apparently sent it out but still haven’t received it and to be honest I think they are the biggest bunch of con artists out there how can they justify the the fact they advertise they can save people money on there bills but in reality they changing them more then there old providers in a time of a pandemic as well where people are being made redundant and living of hardly anything

Nope - certainly not the case for me. I enter 65, click the button, and the red message appears. I click the button again and it doesn’t submit.

I’ve removed my direct debit to stop them taking that stupid amount, so now I’m just topping up by debit card once my bill generates.

Date Reading
16/10/2019 7946 6116 kWh @ 13.58 p/kWh 83055.28
16/10/2020 14062 366 days @ 19.58 p/day 7166.28
Difference 6116
Total 90221.56
Monthly 7518.463333

		Average of… £75.19/mth
		Bulb "requested"… £114/mth
		Bulb "settled at"…	 £92/mth
		Credit on leaving… £127.55

If, like me, you are aware of price rises you will see that the figures above have been “generous” to Bulb in using the latest tariff to work through my “bill” for the last twelve months. There is a massive discrepancy between my average usage per month and the figures “suggested” and finally “agreed” by Bulb (I would have settled on £80/mth but you’ll all be aware you cannot set your DD below the minimum level “acceptable” to Bulb). I tried to talk but was talked over, was told I was wrong and told I did not understand the need to “invest in my future increased usage over the winter”…

Please just admit you were wrong… People are not idiots or fools but I’m sure they expect more humility than hubris…

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