Payment increase

I have just received an email from you telling me that you want to increase my monthly payment by nearly £20 from £45 to £64 as I’m using £66 a month on average, when I’ve never even had a single bill that high! I use about £60 in the winter months and £35 in the summer? Ian also £160 in credit due to referrals, seems as though this is your way of getting you money back. Please can employee from bulb look into this for me.

Hi @Shelvock ,

I’m not a Bulb employee and I haven’t seen these emails myself, but I believe it is just a recommendation and they aren’t forcing you to increase the amount. The prediction of usage may be due to cold weather coming earlier than usual (predicted 1 degree Celsius by this weekend) and slightly higher prices than last year - meaning your £60 per month in the winter may be £65-£70 this year. I don’t believe the ‘prediction’ system takes into account credit currently in the account (just looks as ‘money paid in’ vs ‘predicted money out’).

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If you need a response from a Bulb employee, it’s best to contact Bulb staff directly at (see also ).

I’ve just received a similar email advising an increase from £81 to £106 - despite my highest bill being £108 during the beast from the east - and a true average spend of £77 - with my account being £126 in credit - I’ve replied to the email with my calculations and await a response .