payment increase

I am £20.00 in debt at the moment so my payments are going to increase by almost £70.00 a month can’t wait to get rid of Bulb…

Had an email today advising me that my payments are to increase from £140 per month to £190. Arranged a switch to another supplier straight away. I’m really disappointed, I had initial high hopes of Bulb

Hi , I am as yet £20 odd pound in credit , bulb wants to increase my payments to over £100 a month , which is way higher thanmy previous provider , are Bulb just charlatans ? Been with them since Sept and beginning to feel duped ???

Hi all

Purely as another customer if your credit is sufficient to pay one month in advance for your energy you can keep your DD at the current amount.

You can amend your DD via the “Account & tariff info” page at: select “Edit payment settings”.

If you are in debit then you can top up by selecting “Top up balance” on your “Payments and statements” page at:

3 posters not happy with direct debit…

Are you aware that you can adjust your direct debit by going in to your account and set at a level you are comfortable with, you should however ensure you have at least 1 months credit in your account.

The recommended increase with DD is due to the recent price increase and the winter months approaching.

Switching to another supplier based purely on the direct debit amount, rather than the actual cost (pence per kWh and standing charge) is short sighted to say the least. But hey, knock yourself out if you want to pay more …