Payment Key activation

Hi all, I am in the process of switching to Bulb, I have received my payment key but I am unsure of what the correct process is to activate key.

In the letter I received with key it says I have to insert key and wait 30 seconds for key to be activated it also says that all current credit on meter will be erased. It then says I should put credit onto key and the insert key into meter and wait 5 seconds for credit to be transferred to meter.

What I would like to know is can I put credit onto key before it is activated and would this credit be transferred onto meter at the same time as activating the key?

I ask this as nearest paypoint for adding credit to key is about 20 minutes from my house and I don’t want to have no electricity for at least 40 minutes while I go to put credit on key.

Thanks for reading.

Afraid you are stuck between a rock and a hard place, you must register key with meter before topping up, and this will also wipe out remaing credit, unless you have something that prevents you going without electricity for 40mins I’m afraid you must do so.
If it’s only fridge/freezer these will be ok for at least 6-7 hrs as long as you keep door shut

Thanks for your reply skippy64, would I be able to use the emergency credit?

personally i would advise against it, but if you can’t avoid make sure you put £30-40 on the key to get you back in credidit

Skippy64 has given you all the necessary details, so I thought I might ask another question. The power grid in the UK is pretty stable, but we do get cuts, and those cuts are often for longer than an hour. If you have services in your property (medical?) such that a 40 minute power cut is not manageable, might it be sensible to also address this problem?

For example, signing up to the Priority Services Register would be a good idea since this offers priority reconnection in the event of a power cut. There may also be other options available in terms of your activation/topping-up problem.

Either way I’d strongly be considering battery backup options on any equipment that can’t handle a 60 minute power outage.

Update on my key activation. When I registered my key I had about £2.20 in credit. When I inserted key this credit went to £1.00 with no loss of electricity I topped up key with £40.00 and everything seems to be ok.

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