Payment method

I couldn’t find a phone number hence email. I looking to sign up however I control all my monthly payments via my credit card, phone, Broadband, Council tax, insurance etc, all standing payments ,indeed including Powershop my existing energy supplier.

Can I use this method with Bulb?

Hi @TenPast6,

I’m only another Bulb customer (if you want to contact Bulb directly, their contact details can be found on your statements and on the ‘Help’ page at ) - but for “credit” customers, they only accept payment via Direct Debit and for “pre-pay” customers only payment via top-up key/cards at your local shop.

They do NOT accept standing orders or bank transfers (as it’s a lot of manual processing to do to collate payments to customer accounts and then chasing missing payments) - and don’t accept credit/debit card payments due to that and the cost (credit card payments would cost them an extra 2-6% for the payment and since the introduction of the European Payments rules, companies are no longer allowed to pass this ‘surcharge’ onto customers: meaning Bulb would have to increase their prices to cover their costs of just a few people who want to pay by credit card).

Thanks Richy
I used the phone link as given and Just signed up.
Spoke with Saklie in customer service who was extremely helpful and resolved my request. Job done!
Terrific customer service.
Thanks again