Payment not recognized (urgent)

I have a problem, this month I spent 82.77 pounds on energy and usually every month a fixed amount of 52.76 pounds is charged directly to my account and I pay the difference, but this month it was charged on June 1st, in direct debit to my account and so far it has not been downloaded from the application and the system, it is pending. However, it has already been paid and I can’t contact Bulb. What could I do ?

There is always a delay between the DD leaving your account and your account being updated.

Hi @johnny :wave:

Thanks for getting in touch. We had a technical issue with our payments and so this month’s payment was not requested. We should try again automatically within 5 working days. If the payment does not leave your account by next week then get back in touch and we can send you a link for a manual payment.


Jenny :star: