Payment on Account vs. Actual Payment for Monthly Usage

Hi there,

I’ve been with Bulb since last year, and I’ve been making the regular Direct Debits required on a monthly basis, for a fixed agreed amount. i.e. payment on account.

Can the payment scheme be changed so I pay for what I use on a monthly basis? This would be after I have submitted my meter readings, or an estimate is given.

Obviously, I would assume I’d pay more in winter as my usage is expected to be higher.

Is this variable direct debit/payment method available?


Hi Jay

At Bulb we take a fixed payment in advance for the month ahead. At the end of the month we send a statement summarising your usage based on meter readings, the cost of the energy you used, and the balance on the account. The reason we do this is so we can buy energy more effectively, saving you and all our other customers money.

As such, we don’t offer payment on receipt of bill, which is what you suggest in your post.

If you would like to change your payment amount you can do so whenever you like in your online MyBulb account.

Thanks very much