Payment on receipt

I am waiting for BULB to change my payment method from monthly direct debit to payment on receipt but this still has not been done. I was advised this was being arranged but BULB have simply increased my direct debit. Do I need to cancel my direct debit in order to make this happen? Also, why does my account never show my credit until nearly a week after it has gone out of ny bank account and into BULB’s account? Very underhand business practice.


Following as I think I am in the same situation

Following as I’m in the same predicament. They promise to change it but don’t. Awful company that lie.

Hello there Bebe1

I managed to get through to the chat line this morning after persevering for a while.

The lady on there did her best and explained that my account is now showing as payment on receipt of bill but takes a while to take effect.

She reckoned that my next payment will not be until 1st May and that they will take only my usage to calculate.

I checked with her that if I take meter readings about 3 days before this then this will be used to calculate my bill.

I take regular meter readings anyway which is why I am annoyed that they seem to be basing my predicted usage on something entirely different and keep on increasing my direct debit without good reason. My account is currently £220 in credit but the latest payment sits in “pending” for nearly a week which I think is very bad.

Try using the chat line on the app if you have time and maybe you will get an answer.

Of course I have yet to see if what I have been told comes to pass but I am hopeful.

Good luck!

Hi EMf42wr, hope my note below helps. I will report back here once I know for sure that the billing method has been changed as per the lady on the chat helpline has explained. I am guessing that should be beginning of May.