Payment Options

Hi, I wonder if anyone could advise me if with Bulb the only option is monthly direct debit? Due to my financial circumstances my previous supplier set up fortnightly direct debits & since Bulb’s monthly amount has gone up substantially since I joined I am really struggling to make sure enough money is there on a specific date each month when I am paid every 2 weeks. Thanks

@weealibalibee, from previous discussions, unfortunately I believe this is the only (automatic) option.

I’d recommend giving Bulb a ring (0300 30 30 635) to double check though.

One thing you could do (that Bulb likely wouldn’t suggest, but should work just fine) is to lower your monthly direct debit to around half, then manually top-up your credit with the other half in the middle of the month.
The automatic system might complain at you occasionally if you do this but you can just ignore it (and drop your payments back down if it does automatically increase them for some reason).
Just don’t forget the top-ups or your account could go into debt pretty quickly.