Payment pending

Hi. I set my payment for today but it seems to have attempted to charge on the 9th and is sitting on “pending”.

I have the money in my account to pay £100. Will this auto-take the money today or in the next few days or do I need to contact Bulb manually?

I see a payment option at the top of the account, but it says this won’t contribute to the payment.

Thank you.

Hi @MrBoBo :wave:

According to our system, your payments are set to be taken on 15th of the month, so nothing should have been attempted to be taken any earlier than this. The money should leave your account today, and then will clear on our system in a few days. If this payment isn’t taken from your bank today, do let us know and we can look into this for you.

All the best,
Lou :sparkles:

I see. Thank you for the assistence.

Hi Lou. Yea, Just checked. The payment went through. So yea, that’s sorted.

However, I am getting letters through the door with different payment statements. Contact both via email and phone call before and the lady said (sic) “just ignore them”.

Originally it was around £160+ (from the old house occupier who had no readings) Bulb staff changed it to £100, including up to date meter readings sent, and this is reflected on the account and payment. Took out the £100 yesterday.

But “your final energy bill” through the door and it’s still showing £171+ and a couple of earlier ones (saying the 9th) saying I haven’t payed and they have contacted me several times. Which, had no phone calls or emails. And the account online and the direct contact I’ve had doesn’t reflect that at all. Contacted Bulb Email/Phone as well, saying this wasn’t the case.

Will these letters rectify themselves for next payment? Because kinda put me into panic mode, when getting A/B pricing.

On the online account, show it’s all paid, next payment £100, got a statement sitting here £170+ unpaid.

Yea, phoned up again just to be 100% sure, lady said they are automated and sometimes outdated letters.

So yea, problem sorted.

Hi @MrBoBo

I’m glad this is sorted.

Just to confirm if you have recently moved into the property it is highly likely that you are receiving communications that are for the occupants who lived there before you!

If you can pass those letters over that would be great, if not no problem and your account looks like it is all set up as it should be.

Eleanor :sparkles: