Payment reminder emails should include date of last meter reading

Each month I get a reminder that my payment is about due and it contains a request to read the meter if I have’nt done so recently. Why can’t the email state when the last meter reading was submitted?

Hi Paul, I have fed this back to your tech team. Thanks

Perhaps it could also include the figures of the last meter reading(s) submitted?

I used to have a really confusing Economy 7 meter and I always had to check the last reading to ensure the figures I was providing seemed like the right ones.

@mowcius Also fed this on to the tech team, nice idea!

@danp, happy to (hopefully) help!
A somewhat related question:
At what point do suggestions like this go on the open roadmap?

Hi @mowcius If you check the roadmap now it may just be in there!


Boom :boom:

@Sam_Bulb :+1:

I don’t get a e-mail reminder to submit a meter readings, where on the site is there a box to tick to ask for one/

@trevor8606 everyone gets them – they are packaged with the emails we send reminding you that we’re about to take a payment. We add another paragraph suggesting that ‘while you’re here’ you submit a meter reading.

Hi thanks for the reply, I do get a energy statement monthly and on that there is a paragraph saying don’t forget to send a meter reading, but to send a meter reading then is to late, I already have my statement, it would be handy to have a e-mail two days before the statement is due so the statement can be worked out accordingly, my last supplier did use this method which worked out great

@trevor8606, I’ve previously set myself a reminder to submit a meter reading every week. It makes tracking your energy usage much easier and then your statements never come in too far away from your last reading.

Once you do it regularly it just becomes second nature, like putting out the bins.

It’d be cool to have your last meter reading displayed really obviously in the app… see the image!