Payment statement

Hi there,

We submitted our metre readings at the end of January and our account has not yet shown a statement for usage. We recently installed a new energy efficient heating system and bathroom and we are quite keen to see how this has impacted our statement. Any help would be appreciated.

Many thanks,


Most likely if you are a new customer then the readings are being verified which can take up to 6 weeks.

That aside if you have start/finish readings I can work it out for you.

Hi again,

We are not a new customer. We have been with you since May last year. Not sure what has happened but we have always recieved a statement within a week of submitting readings.

Any help??



@david109 you were right to query this. I’ve ran the bill again. There were issues with the previous bill, so I’ve had to create a consolidated bill for the period 28/11/17 to 27/01/18. Sorry you had to chase this one, and thanks for being so conscientious about your readings.