Payment taken after switching!

So to top off the absolute shambles that has been Bulbs handling of direct debit payment rocketing for no reason, I was £130 in credit before my switch and i’ve just had naother £80 taken nearly 2 weeks after switching! What is wrong with this company! Looks like i’m not the only one either!

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Hi @craigzeh :wave:

I can see you’ve been in touch with us now about this, but I’ve sent you an email in case you have any further questions.

Surely that’s breaking the direct debit guarantee hope you reversed it with your bank

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I’d definitely get the bank involved.

With any luck they’d pass it onto whoever regulates DD. Bulb needs pulling on that.

Hope the bank has taken action again Bulb on this. Totally out of order. Bulb should be reported to trading standards or Ofgem. After reading this I am going to switch. I am £334 in credit