Payment Taken with no email or notification

Hi Guys,
I’m New to the Community but have been with bulb over 12 Months. My account has been in debit due to it previously being highly in credit and me changing the DD payment to £5 until it caught up. However It went over and I topped it up by £150 and planned to the same next month and then switch my payments back to regular. My Payment Date is the 7th of each month and was made successfully but today much to my surprise Bulb have taken an extra £139 from my account with no prior notification. I’m sure a direct debit agreement doesn’t allow for this as I’m not leaving or anything. How can they do this without at least notifying me?
Thanks in Advance


In the first instance I would have thought you would have contacted the Bulb team direct as it is an account matter?

Is there any possibility the email notification could have landed up in your Spam folder?

Any changes to your DD is normally advised by email giving 10 days notice. This is included in the Terms and Conditions?

Out of interest after taking into account the £139 is you account now in debit or credit, bearing in mind Bulb requires a nominal one month advance payment?

How can they do this without at least notifying me?

As Allan said, I would politely suggest that you need to ask Bulb that question rather than a random selection of other Bulb customers on a discussion forum. None of us can see you account details or know what’s going on.