Payment Time lapse

Bulb, how long does a payment take to be credited to my account? My direst debit was taken on the morning of the 13th but yet nearly 24 hours later it is still showing as pending, what is happening to this money in the meantime?

Also just having had my initial meter readings you are suggesting that I should be paying £60 per month above the initial quote that persuaded me to switch to bulb, how can this be?

Hi @Pandabear - there’s usually a 2-3 day gap between it leaving your bank and getting registered in ours. It’s being sent from your bank to our bank, and then entered into our database which feeds into your Bulb account.

When you first join us the Bulb account recommended monthly payments are not incredibly accurate, we don’t encourage amending your payment amounts until at least 3 months in, when we’ll have more meter readings and a better look at your expected usage.

I made a payment on 8th September…as of today 17th it’s still “pending” Ridiculous!

I made a payment on 8th of today 17th it's still "pending" Ridiculous!

Does your bank statement show a payment was made on 8th September which is a Saturday, , normally there is no bank transactions for direct debits on Saturday and Sundays.

Hi @angela1094 .

Hmmm… it is highly unusual for this transaction to take so long. If the same happens next month, it may be worth checking with your bank to why that is. We make a request for payments a couple of days before the payment date and the bank approves the request.

Sorry if this has caused difficulty.

When first joining bulb should one put in meter readings more than once a month or is a monthly reading enough to start to set a pattern, indeed can you system cope with frequent meter readings?

Once a month is sufficient, send it when you receive the reminder email.