Payment type


I get cash back on my bank account for utilities when paying by direct debit.

It turns out that when I switched to Bulb, I no longer qualify as the monthly payment is made by switch rather than D/D.

Is there any means of changing to Direct Debit or do you process all payments by debit card.


They definitely do do Direct Debits as that’s how I’m paying. I believe you should have an option at the bottom of the “Payment details” screen at to “Edit Payment Details” and setup a direct debit.

Thanks, but there is no option to change it there.

Have found answer here:-

You have to call them.

@Snobot, @RichyB, it’s not an option currently shown on the MyBulb pages but you can visit the pages directly to change your payment method.

Their help pages are also a little out of date.

To change to debit card:
To change to direct debit:

Mowcius - thanks- all fixed now.

@Snobot, glad I could help.