Payment update


I’ve checked my account and noticed i’m ~£200 in credit and was wonder if I could have this refunded and my direct debit changed to £50 per month to prevent this happening again?

Also could I change the payment date to be the 1st of the month?



@Buhhda74, you can change the direct debit amount and payment date in your Bulb Account:

Yeah I tried that myself but it came up with an error every time :frowning:

If the site is hitting an error (i.e. you are getting an error message back), it’ll be best to drop Bulb an email (or catch them on live chat) via How to get in touch – Bulb as they’ll be able to look into things for you.

Hi @Buhhda74,

You can update your payment details on both the app and your online account like @mowcius explained.

As for the refund we would need up to date meter readings. This is because we need to check we’ve been billing you for the correct amount of energy.

We would also need you to leave just one month of your direct debit in your account before we can process this refund as our payments are in advance and this credit is used to pay for your upcoming usage.

I’ve privately messaged you to get some details so I can look up your account. :slight_smile:


I’ve now submitted up to date meter readings as requested, unfortunately I never received the PM you mentioned