Payment with my credit

Hi. I would like to know how I can pay my bills with my credit that I have in my account. Also, why I cannot pay the exact amount of money about the energy I consume every month?

Since I have bulb, I am paying too much even if I have £500 in my credit it seems that I cannot use it to pay my bills. Also, if I want change the method of payment in my account I am forced to pay the amount of money that bulb wants. I am really disappointed.

Hi @Giulia - welcome to Community :wave:

So we wouldn’t advise cancelling your direct debit, and using up the credit. What we can do instead is refund some of the credit in your account, but leaving enough in there to cover next month’s payment.

Alternatively, if you wanted to pay the exact amount of your bill each month then we can set that up for you. We’d keep the direct debit set up, but without a payment schedule, and then when you receive your bill, we’ll take the exact amount within 2 weeks.

Let me know how you’d like to proceed :slightly_smiling_face:

– Meg :bulb:

Hi. I wouldn’t have any refund in my bank account but instead pay the next bill with the credit. Also, it would be great pay every month the exact amount of money we use in energy.

What is the credit for if I cannot use it to pay my bills? Please, I really need to pay the bills by credit and set it up to pay that I have to pay.

Hi @Giulia

I can see you don’t submit meter readings to us very often- can you try and send them at a minimum of once every 3 months? We haven’t had any since February until August. This means that we have to estimate readings for bills which can also mean we’re underestimating your use. That’s what happened for example in Feb where the bill was much higher (around £370) due to a submission of a reading almost 2000 units higher than we had been estimating.

We can set it up to pay on receipt of bill if you would prefer? If that’s the case the total amount for a bill will be taken all in one go.

Let me know

– H :bulb:

I did it not long time ago. Please check again

@Giulia Yep the last reading was in August, but prior to this it was only in Feb so it had been 6 months. You’ve been with us since April 2020 but we’ve only ever had readings in November, Feb and August. We need them every 3 months at a minimum :slight_smile:

Would you like us to set up the payments to be on receipt of bill as I mentioned above?

Yes it would be great. Thanks for your understanding

Hey @Giulia, I’m sending you a DM now so we can sort this out for you :relaxed: